The Corny Show

A project by Willy Wonka Inc. for Karma International, Zurich

• Nils Bech
• Lina Viste Grønli
• Ida Ekblad
• Lars Laumann
• Camilla Løw
• Anders Nordby

Opening Friday the 29th of June at 19.00
Nils Bech performs: For Stevie Nicks at 20.00

fake ass G’s
bitch niggas with no heart
i’m stayin’ real till i’m 6 feet deep
so when a nigga gone
bury me a G

(2 pac. fake niggaz)

Under the title The Corny Show a.k.a The Art is in The Heart, Willy Wonka Inc. brings together works from 6 young Norwegian artists affiliated with its project space. All works are created specifically for the exhibition. The artists included share an interest in cultural history. Their work excavate and archive from several figures, movements, and iconic objects in art and musical history, acknowledging the understanding that cultural history is freely available to everyone for artistic purposes. The show aims to research the peculiar expression “corny” and its significance and meaning within urban jargon.

The show was supported by Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA)

Anders Nordby “When I broke the room 1-4″


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